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07 August 2006 @ 10:03 pm
New member : D  

Name:Jethro t. pugh  
Location:Alton, England  
Occupation: Student, assistant chef
Why do you enjoy photography? Because you can capture things that you may not see normally, a photo can be cropped to only show the good parts of an image or to show an object from an odd perspective often provoking the mind into looking at something differently, i love photography because when i carry my camera i become much more observant to the world around me, then lens seems to open up my eyes.
Will you be sharing your SLR negatives/prints, or digital
photography with us? Or both? mainly digital photography but when i get the chance i will post some slr prints.
Is photography your work, or just a hobby? a hobby
What sort of things appeal to you in a community? what
events/games would you like to see in the near future?  i like to see cronstructive critisism towards  the composure  lighting etc. of a photo, even if i dont like what the person suggests it may open up ideas i hadnt thought of before.
One of my favourite photos I've taken:

Location: Bedroom
Mood: skanky
Music: Mae