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04 August 2006 @ 02:32 am

hello, i was invited here by fampirefly, although just recently saw the message on my live journal, so here i am =)

Name: Rachel, although i have many nicknames: Rae for short, mijin (korean name) jade (middle name) i don't really know why, i suppose i just like being confusing. hahaha =)

Location: Virginia, but Upstate New York while at school

Occupation: Student
Why do you enjoy photography?: That's like asking me why I blink. It's intrinsic.

Will you be sharing your SLR negatives/prints, or digital
photography with us? Or both?: I guess both. SLR mostly, now that I have a new SLR, and no dark rooms readily available.

Is photography your work, or just a hobby?: I hobby that I would like to see blossoming into a career. I have dreams of photojournalism.

What sort of things appeal to you in a community?: friends, mutual love of whatever said community is created for.

what events/games would you like to see in the near future?: hmm unsure. sry =x

One of my favourite photos I've taken:

infrared film, sepia toned. film photography.

here are some of my other photographs:

*p.s. my photographs are untagged, and although I doubt they are worth stealing, please don't take w/o crediting. love went into each of these.

and to place a face with a name:

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hahahahaha =)